March 2010

March 2010

We just finished a fun few weeks of making valentines and sprinkling glitter! The library and Juniper Manor enjoyed getting our special artwork. We’ve also been very lucky with our winter weather – the children have absolutely loved sliding down the hill! Keep bringing in those snowpants!!

Mrs. McPuppet is coming to do a fundraising show for us on Saturday, March 13th in the chapel upstairs at 10 am.  This event is meant to replace Big Fun at the Fairgrounds. We’ll also be doing a bake sale and raffle at the same time. Because this is a smaller event, we won’t need every family to work (just our ‘McPuppet team’), but we’re asking each family to provide items for the bake sale and raffle baskets. Watch for details to come.

Our next parent meeting will be March 15th. It’s great to have so many parents come to our last parent meeting and everyone seemed to enjoy our discussion on discipline. Our next meeting will be March 15th at 6:30 pm. Let me know if anyone has other suggestions for discussion topics.

Parent-teacher conferences are planned for March 18, 19 and 22. There will be no preschool on those days to give us a chance to meet with every family to talk about your child’s progress and any questions you might have. Please look for the sign-up at the bottom of the stairs and pick a time. If none of the days are convenient, please let me know. We can always conference after your parent helper day, or schedule an alternative time.

Special Person’s Night will be Wednesday and Thursday, March 31 & April 1 at 6:30 pm. Each child is invited to bring one special adult in the evening for a shortened version of preschool. We sing songs, do an art project, and have snack. It’s a great chance for grandparents or dads who aren’t able to come during school hours to see our school, and it’s VERY exciting for your child. No siblings please. Sibling night is later in spring.

Coming in April — pre-registration forms will be ready after spring break. Currently enrolled children and siblings are invited to register before Open House and general enrollment. Next year we’re also going to pilot a program for two-year olds in the upstairs nursery on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Let me know if you’re interested for a younger sibling or friend.

March Activities:

March is a long month, and we have lots of things planned. Our themes this month will be our five senses and spring. We’ll start by reading Look, Listen, and Learn by Susan Canizares. We’ll look at photos by our own students from our preschool cameras and make our own I Spy book for the classroom. We’ll also read Kangaroos in the Kitchen by Tama Janowitz, explore sound and make kazoos (these will be popular at home!) Next we’ll focus on taste and touch. We’ll read a fun new book, Duck Soup by Jackie Urbanovic. We’ll try making our own vegetable soup, make a texture “soup” collage, and a handprint duck. Our next book will be a classic about spring, The Happy Day by Ruth Krauss. This week we’ll explore the sense of smell and make a spring flower. The following week we’ll be reading When Spring Comes by Robert Maas and Mud by Mary Lyn Ray. We’ll make pancakes (yum!), plant flowers, and make a spring collage. The last week before spring break we’ll read I Love You Blue Kangaroo! By Emma Chichester. We’ll make invitations and cookies for Special Person’s Night, plus do glue sculpture.

Blobber: dissolve ½ tsp borax in ½ cup of water. Pour 1 Tbs. glue in a cup. Add food coloring if desired. Add 1 Tbs. of borax solution to glue and stir, then knead.

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