December 2013

December 2013

I can believe we’re almost at the end of 2013! Our classes have grown so much in just a few short months and really enjoy their time at school and with their friends. 

Please send good outdoor clothing!  We’ll continue to go outside every day throughout the winter months.  The fresh air and exercise is important for the growing minds and bodies.  This is also an important opportunity for them to practice their independence skills – they’re learning to identify their belongings and dress themselves.   You can help your child by making sure they have comfortable clothing that they can put on themselves.  Putting names on clothing is also helpful, and putting mittens & hat in their coat sleeve makes them easy to find. 

Fun with Santa:  Remember our big fundraiser is the first weekend of December – Saturday the 7th.  Each family should get their donations in as soon as possible!  We’re also asking everyone to bake two items for the cake wheel and sign up for a shift on that Saturday.  Baked goods can be dropped off at TCNS on Thursday or Friday.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for the great turn-out at the last couple of parent meetings!  We had a great discussion about socializing in preschool and dealing with some typical “you’re not my friend” behavior.  Our next meeting won’t be until spring.  If anyone has any ideas for discussion topics or information they’d like to share, please let me know.  Jackie is going to be keeping our facebook page updated with ideas and links from our meetings. 

Holiday community service:  During the month of December we’ll be collecting new and gently used socks for Catholic Charities.  We’ve collected about 100 pairs each year and the children enjoy counting and sorting the socks.  This is a good chance to go through your children’s socks and bring in those they’ve outgrown – or the ones with the uncomfortable stitching, wrong colors, etc.   Our children will also be making cards and ornaments for the Ulysses Christmas Bureau.  These will be included in the fruit and food baskets that are delivered during the holidays.

Remember, there will be no school from December 21 through January 5 for the holiday break.   I hope everyone enjoys their time together and with family.

December Activities:  December will be a very busy month talking about the changing season, hibernation, and the holidays.  The first week we’ll read Sleep Big Bear, Sleep by Maureen Wright and All About Hibernation by Tori Kosara.  We’ll be talking about how animals prepare for the winter, make a collage and sculpture about hibernation.  We’ll also read a story about Hannukah and make latkes for snack.  Our next book will be One Snowy Night by Christina Butler and make animal puppets.  The last week before break we’ll read Mrs. Wish-Washy’s Christmas by Joy Cowley.  We will spend the week making ornaments and gifts, cutting, glittering, taping, and wrapping.  

 Terrific Twos:  Welcome to December!  We have a busy fun month planned.  Our themes for December are hibernation, families and sharing.  This is the perfect time to send in family pictures for our family board if you have not sent one in already.  Our first book is TIme To Sleep by Denise Fleming. We will move onto Bear Stays Up by Karma Wilson the week before break.   Please remember to check baskets for spare clothes and extra pull ups.  All children are using the potty at least once a day and pullups are needed to help encourage independence.  We also are working on learning how to manipulate snow pants and doing the “flip” with their snow coats.  We do try to get at least 15-20 minutes of outside time every day!   Thank you for working with us!  We have amazing kids and families!





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