February 2015

February 2015

We’re fortunate that we were able to get outside most days last month and are hoping for more outdoor fun. If the weather doesn’t cooperate we will enjoy our time moving in the big room with the obstacle course and music.  All of the children are making great strides on dressing themselves for outdoor play.

There seem to be a lot of runny noses and coughs going around the classrooms. We just want to remind you to keep your child home if they’re sick. And please give them plenty of chance to recover before they come back so they will be better able to fight any germs their classmates bring to school.

Since we won’t be in school on Valentines’ Day this year, we are not going to have students exchange valentines. Instead, we will be working hard to make valentines for parents, grandparents, siblings, neighbors. There will be plenty of opportunities for glue and glitter and you can help your child think of someone who might like a valentine!

We’re running low on drink cups for snack. If anyone can provide an extra box of 5 oz. cups it would be greatly appreciated!

Important dates: 

  • No school from Friday, February 13th through February 20th for winter break. 
  • Jackie will continue toddler/ baby story-time in the two’s room on February 11th and 25th starting at 9:30.
  • Pajama Day (preschool class) – February 4th and 5th.   No need to get dressed – just come to school in your pj’s!

Terrific Twos:  As we welcome February we look forward for healthy, snowy days!  We are continuing with our winter arctic animal themes with Slippity Seal by Betty Preston.    We will move onto Mouse’s Valentine by Laura Numeroff to celebrate love for our family and friends. Look for a special valentine coming home!  After a week off for winter fun, we will end February and start March with You Make Me Smile by Layn Marlow.  Thank you for your continued support in our classroom!

Preschool:  we’ll start the month pajama day on Wednesday & Thursday the 4th and 5th.  We’ll be reading The Mystery of the Missing Red Mitten by Stephen Kellogg and A Snowy Surprise by Amy Hest.  We’ll be cutting and glittering valentines to give to our families and friends and  making a special baked treat to share.  We’ll also make mitten patterns and start a weather graph.  After the break we’ll read about arctic animals and talk about animal habitats.

Ways to get creative this month:

  • Build a cushion fort or sheet tent
  • have a dance party or an indoor picnic
  • Make sock puppets
  • Make puzzles from holiday photo cards

“When people are playing, they take risks they would not ordinarily take. They experience failure not as a crushing blow but as an idea they tried that didn’t work. Play transforms problems into challenges, seriousness into fun, one right answer into any number of possible outcomes.” Bruce Nussbaum, Creative Intelligence.

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