February 2016

February 2016

So far this winter we’ve enjoyed very mild weather so we’ve been able to get outside most days – even if our snowmen are only 6 inches tall. We’re still hoping for a few good snowfalls for sledding and snowball-rolling. But if the weather doesn’t cooperate we will enjoy our time moving upstairs with the obstacle course and music.

Hopefully everyone has fully recovered from everything that’s been going around. Remember to give your child plenty of rest before they come back so they will be better able to fight any germs their classmates bring to school.

Since we won’t be in school on Valentines’ Day this year, we are not going to exchange valentines in class. Instead, we will be working hard to make valentines for parents, grandparents, siblings, neighbors. There will be plenty of opportunities for glue and glitter and you can help your child think of someone who might like a valentine!

Our Rongo Fundraiser is at the end of the month. Please make sure any last minute silent auction donations are in by February 10th so the committee can get stuff organized. We will also be asking families to help us sell tickets, hang posters, and pass out invitations for this event. This is a new fundraiser for TCNS and different from our more child-focused events. We hope it will be successful raising funds for our school and lots of fun for everyone who comes. It will be a great chance to socialize with other parents and community members.

Important dates:

  • No school from February 15th through February 19th for winter break.
  • Jackie will continue toddler/ baby story-time in the two’s room on February 3rd at 10:30.  
  • Fundraiser at the Rongo on Sunday, February 28th 2-5 pm.  


Terrific Twos: As we welcome February we look forward for healthy, snowy days!  We will go outside when the weather cooperates, so please keep sending those warm clothes!  And remember to keep our class healthy, we ask you to keep sick kids home. Germs spread quickly with 2yr olds. TCNS policy is 24 hours fever free without Tylenol or other fever reducer. At circle time we will reads books about Arctic animals, snow and friends.  Look for penguins and special valentines coming home!  We will be busy baking, painting, matching, reading and playing — always fun at “happy school!” Thank you for your continued support in our classroom!

Preschool: We have a lot of holidays this month – groundhogs day, Chinese New Year and Valentines Day. We’ll be reading a number of class favorites: Go To Sleep Groundhog by Judy Cox, The Seven Chinese Sisters by Kathy Tucker, Love Monster by Rachel Bright, and Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. We’ll do a few shadow projects and make chinese dragons. We’ll be cutting and glittering valentines to give to our families and friends and making a special baked treat to share. We’ll also make mitten patterns and start a weather graph. After the break we’ll read about arctic animals and their habitats and make penguins.

Ways to get creative this month:

    • Build a cushion fort or sheet tent
    • Have a dance party or an indoor picnic
    • Make sock puppets
    • Make puzzles from holiday photo cards



“When people are playing, they take risks they would not ordinarily take. They experience failure not as a crushing blow but as an idea they tried that didn’t work. Play transforms problems into challenges, seriousness into fun, one right answer into any number of possible outcomes.” Bruce Nussbaum, Creative Intelligence.

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