February 2010

February 2010

February is going to be a busy month!! We have Groundhogs Day, Chinese New Year, Valentines Day and a long President’s weekend all in the first couple of weeks.  Our new students Zach and Mary have joined right in the classroom and are already making new friends! All the children have been enjoying the pet shop that is set up in the climbing room.    We’ll continue to go outside every day so remember to send all those outside clothes. They love to slide down the hill and roll snowballs. We’re amazed at how independent the children are becoming at dressing themselves! 

During the next few weeks we will be doing student assessments in preparation for parent-teacher conferences next month. This gives a chance for the teachers to collect our thoughts about each student and think about all the progress they’ve been making.  Just a reminder, if your child is eligible for kindergarten in the fall, you should call your elementary school and register. It will be here sooner than you think!

Since Valentines Day is during our long weekend, we’re going to try something different again this year. We’ll be working on making valentines during the next couple of weeks to send to our friends at Juniper Manor and the library among others. It’s a great chance for the children to think about and recognize all the people in the community who help us. Our children will get lots of practice cutting and glittering and hopefully our friends will enjoy their handmade cards. If any of the children would like to make additional cards at home to send, we’ll have a box to collect those as well.  

Don’t miss the next parent meeting on Monday, February 8th at 6:30. We’ll start with a short update on what’s happening and then have a discussion about discipline strategies. Liz Kinast will share information on the Flip It program and we’re hoping to hear ideas for everyone else as well.

Remember, there’s no school on Monday & Tuesday February 15-16th. We have a mini winter break those days. Hopefully we’ll have some nice weather and we can all enjoy some fun winter activities!

February Activities:

We’ll start the month by squeezing Groundhogs Day and Chinese New Year into one week by reading Go to Sleep Groundhog by Judy Cox and the Seven Chinese Sisters by Kathy Tucker.  We’ll be making a groundhog puppet, a Chinese dragon collage and Chinese lanterns. Next we’ll read The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond. This is a wonderful story about friendship and giving. We’ll cut and glitter our own valentines and make cinnamon heart ornaments.  For the last two weeks of February we’ll be reading and talking about penguins. We’ll read the Emperor’s Egg by Martin Jenkins and Tacky and the Winter Games by Helen Lester. During these weeks we’ll be making penguins out of our footprints and paper plates and have our own “winter games”, complete with medals and banners that we’ll make ourselves.

One red valentine, two red valentines

Three red valentines, four

I cut and cut and paste and paste

And then make twenty more!


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